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Micheala is a 23 year old woman, who has had several societal and life-threatening experiences- from the time she was a child. When she was just nine and in grade 4, her father left home and never returned. Subsequently, her mother took ill and died of cervical cancer. At age 12, Micheala has had to shoulder essential responsibilities for herself- which left her vulnerable and out of school. When she was 21, she got pregnant and gave birth to little Roni. She has no home, no reasonable education, no real family to go to, and no tangible skill whatsoever. Today, she’s struggling to survive and cater for her child- who may also end up in a similar situation like his mother.
At the Healing Heart Community (HHC), we know there are several Micheala out there, and the time to rescue the situations is now….


The problems that we tackle

In the contemporary 21st century, the number of socially disadvantaged women and children of all race and color, have now seemed to reach an unpleasant all-time high. If you look through the prevailing structures in most societies, you’ll discover that women and children actively and increasingly are the most vulnerable to the ills and inadequacies that can be seen and/or felt. Hence, it is the women and children who mostly suffer such things as domestic violence, inadequate housing, illiteracy, sexual abuse, high mortality rates, etcetera.
Now, according to various detailed studies and observations, all of these negative traits have a direct diminishing effect on how individuals can thrive, and become useful persons- for themselves and the society at large. This is asides the fact that these situations also don’t represent the ideal conditions that any human deserves.

The solutions that we foster

In view of the aforementioned, the Healing Heart Community is rising up to the challenge, by adopting effective proactive and redemptive measures, in these regards. We’ve come with a mission to champion the causes that would derive succor and relieve for the people who need it most.
Consequently, our operation framework is channeled toward selfless societal revamp- using literacy and entrepreneurial development in persons, as the fail-proof tools. In addition to this, we also find ways of ensuring that the women and children’s needs are met, even as they start on their journeys to leading improved, better lives.
Some of our basic tools for helping people start off on their own is to teach them how to make use of such resources as meditation, music therapy, benefits of yoga inclinations, energy healing, taekwondo, etcetera.


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